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Supplement quick-lists put together on the Amazon website

An easy way to view groups of products and brief comments about them on the one page.

The excellent supplements list

If you are overwhelmed by product choice and need a starting point for research, click on the link to view the Excellent Supplements List I've put together on Amazon.

It features products recommended by nutritional experts and which are high quality, high potency and have as few fillers or GMO ingredients as possible.

No product listed contains synthetic folic acid, possibly racemic forms of folate or the inferior cyanocobalamin form of B12.

(The links are iHerb links just because I use this list as my own shopping list.)

The vitamin B12 excellent products list

Click on the link to view the B12 B12 B12 list I made on Amazon featuring some of the most high-quality B12 supplements available. Also includes links to some excellent folate products.

No product listed contains synthetic folic acid, possibly racemic forms of folate or the inferior cyanocobalamin form of B12.

Excellent vitamin C supplements list

Click here to view the excellent vitamin C products list.

Non-GMO and non-Chinese-origin products are listed as well as the newer forms of liposomal vitamin C. Note that liposomal vitamin C is a wonderful product but taking LOTS of plain and cheap and boring ascorbic acid powder can also have an amazing effect. Far more so than just 1-2 (expensive) liposomal C sachets!

Cell membrane repair supplements list

Click here to view the Cell membrane repair supplements list.

Cellular membranes are made up mostly of fats. These membranes must be healthy for your cells to function well. As Dr Sherry Rogers explains, giving your cell membranes a healthy ‘oil change’ is an essential part of healing from any disease.

Phosphidatyl choline, fermented cod liver oil, natural vitamin E, RALA, CoQ10, magnesium and vitamin C are essential cell membrane supports. But taking supplements alone is not enough. Getting enough protein and healthy saturated and other fats in your diet is also essential, as is avoiding all trans fats and making sure you’re not consuming rancid oils or excessive omega 6 oils. Saturated fats such as coconut oil are very important for cell membranes and help give them the 'stiffness' they need.

Always make sure you've given yourself an 'oil change' to support healthy cell membranes before moving on to any sort of detoxification program.


The excellent tools and devices list

Click here to view the Excellent tools and devices for health and healing list.

Includes listings for all sorts of useful health-related items from powdered clay, to saunas, rebounders, neti pots, oximeters, and much more.


Amazon book lists

Click here to read the health and nutrition book reviews I have posted on the Amazon website. I've recently become a top 500 Amazon reviewer.

Click here to read the reviews I haved posted on the Goodreads website.Browsing reviews is easier on the Goodreads site than on Amazon as Goodreads allows reviews to be grouped by folder. You can also sign up at Goodreads to receive updates whenever I add new reviews.

I have also put together several Amazon booklists, which include:

Please view the Essential health books + all book reviews page on this website to see a more detailed list of recommended books.

Please note!

There are no affiliate links here, just a handy list or two I've made so I don't have to keep sending the same links to people from scratch each time I'm asked.

I make no money if you buy supplements from these lists (and nor does Amazon).

All lists have been compiled by me, Jodi Bassett.

Please also make sure you shop around and choose the best prices for these products from whichever retailer you pick. Happy shopping!