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The primal panacea - ascorbic acid

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a genuine exception to the 'too good to be true' rule.

A panacea is a wide-ranging cure-all. Vitamin C is the way nature designed us to deal with stress and disease, as can be seen when we look at animals that still produce their own vitamin C in their livers. Vitamin C helps diseases of all varieties as well as all oxidative stress.

Due to a genetic error of metabolism the vast majority of us no longer produce this panacea in our livers, and this makes us far more vulnerable to many different chronic and acute diseases and infections than we would otherwise be.


Some of the most common myths about vitamin C include:


1. There are no studies on vitamin C

2. There is no proof that vitamin C works

3. Vitamin C is not safe

4. Vitamin C causes kidney stones

5. Our need for vitamin C is met by diet

6. Vitamin C just makes expensive urine

7. If vitamin C really worked we would all be using it


Vitamin C at an appropriate dose:

  1. is a powerful antioxidant (and also helps recycle other antioxidants),
  2. is anti-carcinogenic (reduces the risk of developing various cancers),
  3. supports the immune system by improving the host response to disease (making the body more able to fight off any secondary infections) and improving the function of white blood cells,
  4. can stop recurrent boils (furunculosis) (people with this condition may have defects in white blood cell function that are correctable with vitamin C supplementation),
  5. has antiviral and antibacterial effects (it controls and maintains phagocytosis),
  6. supports the adrenal glands (and supporting the adrenals also supports the thyroid),
  7. supports the cardiac/cardiovascular system and assists in the maintenance of peripheral circulation (including improving the blood flow to the brain) and maintaining capillaries,
  8. is a natural chelator and helps to remove heavy metals and other toxins from the body ( this improved detoxification may markedly improve your tolerance of pollution and toxic chemicals),
  9. safeguards the body from the effects of high blood sugar (glycation) and helps to normalise blood sugar and improve hypoglycaemia. Vitamin C is important in the digestion of food, the biochemistry of the body's utilization of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and it has a pronounced activating effect on insulin,
  10. reduces the severity of colds, flu’s, and Candida infections,
  11. has an antihistamine effect and can reduce or prevent symptoms of hayfever and food allergy,
  12. can prevent asthma attacks (and possibly some SIDS deaths),
  13. helps to reduce the toxic load of metabolised fat which occurs during weight loss, and helps support the liver during weight loss,
  14. acts as an electron donor for eight different enzymes,
  15. aids in the formation of liver bile,
  16. may have an antidepressant effect and help the body handle emotional stress better,
  17. counteracts some of the damaging effects of aspirin and heighten its pain killing effect, and also acts as an pain reliever in its own right (at bowel tolerance doses),
  18. increases the therapeutic effect of different drugs and medicines by making them more effective (less of a drug is required if it is taken in combination with large amounts of ascorbic acid),
  19. can help improve joint mobility (if serum levels of C are high, synovial fluid is thinner allowing for easier joint movement) and reduce inflammation and fever,
  20. helps with connective tissue repair (especially collagen) and maintaining healthy teeth and bones (high dose vitamin C can help reduce tooth loss and cavities),
  21. helps promote wound healing,
  22. promotes eye health in many different ways (prevents cataracts, glaucoma etc.),
  23. helps to produce the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine,
  24. can cause sensations of overwhelming physical wellbeing,
  25. is essential to the proper functioning of the central nervous system.

Vitamin C can be taken as ascorbic acid powders or tablets, and also by IV. Liposomal vitamin C gives a clinical response similar to vitamin C given by IV, or even superior to it in some cases - and it is vastly more affordable and accessible.


Dosage and frequency are everything when it comes to vitamin C!

Dr Levy explains that 6 grams of vitamin C daily in divided doses (or 2 grams of liposomal vitamin C) is a good starting point for a healthy adult but that as we each have different needs for vitamin C which change over time, ideally we should each start by working out our bowel tolerance dose of vitamin C using sodium ascorbate power. 

(Liposomal vitamin C doesn't cause loose stools, as almost all of it is absorbed by the body. So this form of vitamin C is not helpful in determining the bowel tolerance dose of vitamin C; the dose our body needs at any one time.)


Dr Levy recommends working out your bowel tolerance dose monthly or even weekly (if you are very ill or your illness is unstable). He also recommends paying close attention to how you feel and letting this be a guide to how appropriate your current dosage is. If you feel good at a certain dosage of vitamin C, then you raise it a little more and find no increased benefit, then you are probably taking as much as your body can use.

When you have worked out your necessary dosage, you can take it as sodium ascorbate or liposomal vitamin C or a combination of the two. 1 gram of liposomal C = 3-4 grams of sodium ascorbate powder, 2 grams = 9-10 grams of power, 3 grams = 12-18 grams of power, says Levy.

What vitamin C experts such as Pauling, Levy, Cathcart and others are discussing is not just any old vitamin C dosage. Dosages must be appropriate to how much stress you are under and given regularly and for a long enough duration. The more stress your body is under, the more it will need. 6 grams daily is an absolute minimum effective dose and many of us need far more. Dosages as high as 200 - 300 grams may be necessary for a period of time when used to fight acute infections or toxic exposures.


Dr Levy says in the book that the amount of water needed to but out a blaze, depends on the size of the fire - and so it is with vitamin C. The dose is everything with vitamin C. Taking small amounts just will not have the same effect as taking the appropriate dose.


Properly dosed vitamin C is essential. But Dr Levy also explains that taking broad spectrum antioxidants with it is a very good idea, as they all work together in a synergistic way. Liposomal GSH is particularly important. A basic supplement regime focusing on the major vitamins and minerals (A, Bs, D, E, magnesium, etc.) is also important long-term and will help ensure you get the most from your vitamin C regime etc. Toxic exposures must also be reduced as much as possible.


Some conditions can be cured with high dose vitamin C, if enough is given, early enough. This includes polio and glandular fever/mono and hepatitis. Others can be put into a stable state by high dose vitamin C - such as AIDS. Vitamin C can also prevent many diseases. At the very least, high dose vitamin C will improve symptoms and quality of life. High blood levels of vitamin C reduces mortality form ALL causes. Vitamin C is man's primary defence against toxins, pathogens and oxidative stress.


Treating the causes of disease is so much more effective than just blindly drugging symptoms. The real causes of disease are pathogens, toxins (both of which cause massive oxidative stress) and nutrient deficiencies.


The claims about vitamin C in Dr Levy's recent book 'Primal Panacea' are supported by more than 1000 published peer reviewed studies.


The research on vitamin C is convincing and like anyone that has tried high dose vitamin C at at least a bowel tolerance level, I have also seen it make a noticeable difference in my own life and the lives of those of my friends that have tried it. We are brainwashed to always be excited about and focused on the newest and sexiest and most exotic new drugs and other treatments, but in reality it is the boring unsexy stuff like making sure you have enough of all the major vitamins and minerals it needs which really gets the big results!


High dose vitamin C doesn't fit the current lucrative 'treat but don't cure' model of medicine, so patients must push for it. The fight has to start with us.


As Dr Levy eloquently explains in his recent book, government and the traditional medicine industry are looking for cures about as diligently as crack dealers are searching for a non-addictive form of cocaine! The commonly help belief that drug companies and governments are focused on trying to cure all sorts of diseases is called into question by this book, and rightly so. This book talks about the massive conflict of interests at work in medicine and research, and provides some absolutely shocking facts and figures.


We need to push for high dose vitamin C to become more commonly accepted and also just for it to stay LEGAL!


Optimal vitamin C levels can't help but help, no matter what diagnosis you have or even if you don't yet have a correct diagnosis. It is inexpensive to try too with ascorbic acid costing just 3 cents a gram and not at all risky either, or difficult. Vitamin C is one of the safest substances to take there is.

The primal panacea: Parts 2 and 3

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Vitamin C quotes

'Man's body was designed to function best with high blood and cellular levels of vitamin C - synthesised as needed by the liver. Due to an inborn error of metabolism, the vast majority of us no longer have the ability to make it, but that does not lessen our need for vitamin C or the benefits derived form it.' Dr Levy

“Modern medicine’s narrow approach, to treat every disease as if it were a drug deficiency, has resulted in a steep price for humanity. It is obvious millions have died prematurely since vitamin C was first discovered over 80 years ago. Brave and resolute men and women, Albert Szent-Györgyi, Irwin Stone, Linus Pauling, Ewan Cameron, Emil Ginter, Matthias Rath, Andrew Saul, Tom Levy, Steve Hickey, Raxit Jariwalla, John T. Ely, Hilary Roberts, and others promoted the idea of vitamin C therapy but were readily dismissed, even belittled.” Bill Sardi, author of You Don't Have to Be Afraid of Cancer Anymore

'I could also spend mil­lions to prove that the small amounts of these nutrients will not prevent car acci­dents. Who is funding all these silly stud­ies? No orthomolecular physician ever claimed that giving 200 IU of vitamin E and 500 mg of C cured anything.

Perhaps you should write a paper with tongue in cheek in which you announce, “An­tibiotics Do Not Cure Infection”. Then, report somewhere hidden in the paper that you only gave them 200 or even 20,000 IU of a drug that requires doses of one million or more. Such report­ing is a superb example of the cynical, expensive and sleazy research so loved by Big Pharma. This is because it delays the real introduction of good medicine, in the same way that tobacco companies denied smoking causes cancer and we supposedly needed more and more and more research to prove anything.

All this allows the companies to add millions of dollars to their coffers. Their defense is delay, delay and delay. The only objective of Big Pharma is to make money, lots and lots of it. How dare we try to prevent them from doing so?' Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D.

Vitamin C is involved in almost every bodily process and helps our bodies maintain homeostasis. Irwin Stone explains in his book on vitamin C that,  'Throughout the evolution of the vertebrates, including the mammals, Nature has used ascorbic acid to maintain physiological homeostasis. 

In simple nontechnical terms, this means that when stressful situations arose which disturbed the biochemical equilibrium of the animal, ascorbic acid was produced in increased quantities to get things running normal again.  The amount of ascorbic acid produced is related to the severity of the stresses and if enough was produced soon enough, then the animal was able to survive the bad biochemical effects of the stresses.  If, however, the enzyme system for producing ascorbic acid was overwhelmed or poisoned by the stresses and too little ascorbic acid was produced, then the animal succumbed. 

Man, unable to produce his own ascorbic acid, could not take advantage of this natural protective process.  Instead stresses only further depleted his low stores of this vital metabolite.  Now he can easily duplicate this time-tested defensive mechanism by reaching for the bottle of ascorbic acid and swallowing additional quantities whenever he is subjected to biochemical stresses.  In duplicating this normal process for combating stresses, man has one great advantage over the other mammals -- he can get an unlimited supply of ascorbic acid without being dependent upon an enzyme system which may not produce enough, quickly enough.  All man needs to know is how much to take.

One of the outstanding attributes of ascorbic acid is its lack of toxicity even when given in large doses over long periods of time.  This has been recognized since the 1930s, and ascorbic acid can be rated as one of the least toxic substances known of comparable physiological activity.  It can be administered in huge doses, intravenously, without registering any serious side effects.'

'Over the past ten-year period I have treated over 9,000 patients with large doses of vitamin C. The effects of this substance when used in adequate amounts markedly alters the course of many diseases. Stressful conditions of any kind greatly increase utilization of vitamin C. Ascorbate excreted in the urine drops markedly with stresses of any magnitude unless vitamin C is provided in large amounts. However, a more convenient and clinically useful measure of ascorbate need and presumably utilization is the BOWEL TOLERANCE. The amount of ascorbic acid which can be taken orally without causing diarrhea when a person is ill sometimes is over ten times the amount he would tolerate if well. This increased bowel tolerance phenomenon serves not only to indicate the amount which should be taken but indicates the unsuspected and astonishing magnitude of the potential use that the body has for ascorbate under stressful conditions.' Dr Robert F. Cathcart

The importance of raising vitamin C dosage slowly!

 It is only briefly mentioned in any of the excellent books on vitamin C, but if you are long-term ill and easily made ill by lots of different supplements, it is so so important to start taking extra vitamin C very slowly.

If you don't you will likely be hit with a pretty huge and unpleasant and disabling detox reaction or healing reaction.

I had a series of 25 gram C IVs years ago and was made so ill by it I had to stop treatment and I was also floored for days by even having a teaspoon of vitamin C (5g) in water one day, a few years later. Incredibly ill.

But by taking my dose up slowly as a rate of just a gram extra a week at first, I suffered no ill effects at all and have now worked up to taking over 30 grams a day, plus 4 or more liposomal C sachets, a sachet of liposomal GSH, and feeling absolutely wonderful whenever I have 50 gram vitamin C IVs!

Feeling worse at first when raising your vitamin C dosage doesn't at all mean that your body doesn't need the extra vitamin C or that you have a particular intolerance for it.

If you are a sensitive type with supplements due to your illness, go slow! Do start though, and don't mistake a healing reaction for an intolerance to vitamin C.

A healing reaction means it is doing what it is supposed to, just a bit too fast for your detoxification systems and so on to cope with.

Slow and steady is the way to go with raising a vitamin C dose in the long-term ill.

The best vitamin C books

Reading Primal Panacea or Curing the Incurable (for the vitamin C information), plus Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and a Longer Life (for information on what to eat and how to work out a basic supplement regime) plus Detoxify or Die (for information on how to test for and treat nutritional deficiencies and detoxification problems, and how to safely start a more intensive detoxification program using FIR saunas) is about the best start you could get in treating any disease.

VITAMIN C, TITRATING TO BOWEL TOLERANCE, ANASCORBEMIA, AND ACUTE INDUCED SCURVY  and The Ascorbate Effect in Infectious and Autoimmune Diseases by Robert F. Cathcart, M.D.

Ascorbate: The Science of Vitamin C by Dr Hickey and Dr Roberts,

VITAMIN C: The Real Story by Steve Hickey, PhD and Andrew Saul, 

Orthomolecular Medicine For Everyone: Megavitamin Therapeutics for Families and Physicians by Abram Hoffer, 

Fire your doctor! : how to be independently healthy by Andrew W. Saul

The healing factor: Vitamin C against disease by Irwin Stone

How to live longer and feel better by Linus Pauling

Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C The Clinical Experiences of Frederick R. Klenner, M.D. and Observations On the Dose and Administration of Ascorbic Acid When Employed Beyond the Range Of A Vitamin In Human Pathology By Fred Klenner, MD.

Vitamin C & Treatment of Cancer: Part I by Gary Null, PhD

Vitamin C, RDA's and Politics by Steven Wm

The excellent Vitamin C Foundation site.

Recommended Pauling Therapy Dosage for Heart Patients and Prevention

The Many Faces of Vitamin C by Dr Thomas Levy

Multiple Sclerosis Treated with Injectable Vitamin B1 & Liver Extract by Dale Humpherys

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Dr Levy’s presentation to the 35th Annual Cancer Convention pt3-4 (a video which talks about liposomal vitamin C)

List of international suppliers of liposomal vitamin C sachets from Livon labs

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PC Liposomal Encapsulation Technology by Robert D. Milne, see also:

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Natural vitamin C?

The Natural vitamin C and so-called Vitamin C-complex paper explains the truth behind the outrageous false claims that very small amounts of so-called 'natural' vitamin C are not just equal but far superior to multi-gram doses of ascorbic acid.

Those who say that food source C is the only one that works and that ascorbic acid doesn't help anyone and is toxic to the body...has no idea what they are talking about, and has not read (or understood) any of the masses of literature on ascorbic acid.

Ascorbic acid at higher doses has saved thousands of lives. Those people wd have died if given food based C in 250 mg doses instead, as some people recommend.

"There is no form of Vitamin C more "natural" than the molecule that virtually all species manufacture in their livers or kidneys - L-ascorbic acid. This molecule in chemical notation is C6H8O6, and your body can't tell the difference between these molecules. " Owen Fonorow

"Man's body was designed to function best with high blood and cellular levels of vitamin C - synthesised as needed by the liver. Due to an inborn error of metabolism, the vast majority of us no longer have the ability to make it, but that does not lessen our need for vitamin C or the benefits derived form it." Dr Thomas Levy, author of Curing the Incurable and Primal Pancea