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Managing and avoiding cold and flu

Preventing and managing colds and flu effectively is a very important part of managing serious long-term well generally.



Preventing and treating colds and flu

Starting to get colds and flu again can a very positive sign in diseases such as M.E. but it can also be a real problem.

If you are getting a lot of different viruses and they are lasting for a longer than usual time, you may wish to reduce your risk of getting viral infections by taking extra vitamin C, vitamin A, D and zinc with your usual multi, if you aren’t already.  A whole-foods based diet and appropriate rest are also important parts of boosting your immunity.


You can reduce your risk of getting viral infections by taking extra vitamin C, vitamin A and D and zinc with your usual multi, if you aren’t already. A whole-foods based diet (with minimal sugar and also possibly, grains) and appropriate rest are also important parts of boosting your immunity. Also helpful is eating garlic regularly and washing your hands regularly. (Antibacterial soaps are very much not recommended.)


Low body temperature caused by low thyroid function is one cause of recurrent infections.


Resistance to infections is greatly reduced following the completion of an FIR sauna program, and by the regular use of colonics or enemas. Resistance to infection is very much lowered during any type of detoxification regime, however.



Treating colds and flu with high-dose vitamin C

Linus Pauling recommends that at the very first sign of a cold or flu etc., 1 to 2 g of vitamin C (or more) is taken and that this dose be repeated hourly. Enough vitamin C should be taken to suppress symptoms or until bowel tolerance is reached. (However, even if you can only take 6 – 10 g this will still minimise the symptoms to a more limited extent and is still worthwhile.)


It is very important to take the vitamin C as soon as possible after noticing symptoms as the more this is delayed, the less chance there is that you can fully suppress the infection. Linus Pauling recommends always carrying some vitamin C tablets with you when you go out for this reason. Because the vitamin C is suppressing the infection rather than eradicating it, it is important to keep taking the high dose of vitamin C for at least a week afterwards, or else the symptoms may come back. High dose vitamin C is very important as not only does it suppress the symptoms of colds and flu and reduce their severity and duration, but it also greatly reduces your risk of serious secondary infections that may follow these initial infections such as pneumonia and so on.


To make vitamin C nasal drops, mix 100 ml of water with 3 g of sodium ascorbate. 20 drops should be dropped into each nostril with an eye dropper. This raises the concentration of vitamin C in the nasal passages a thousand times higher than oral doses can reach, and may be a useful way to help more quickly improve your cold or flu.



The importance of rest in treating colds and flu

Linus Pauling explains that it is especially important with the flu that you put yourself on bedrest/near total rest for at least 24-48 hours after your temperature has gone back to normal, as well as when you are at the most severe stage. Giving your body the best chance to fully recover from any infection can only benefit you in the long term. It is also important to begin resting as much as possible at the first signs of the flu, as well as making sure to drink 2.5 – 3 litres of water daily at this time, as this can also help to prevent the flu becoming severe.


Continually catching colds and flu may be a sign that you are overexerting and/or that you need more assistance in tasks of daily living than you are currently receiving.



Additional ways to fight colds and flu

When the nose is so blocked that breathing or sleeping become difficult, using a netti pot can be helpful. Saline nasal sprays can also make you more comfortable, help you breathe easier and deter secondary bacterial infections in the sinuses. Some doctors recommend that they be used at the first sign of a cold or flu and the advantage of sprays as opposed to a netti pots, is that the spray is easier to use many times daily and outside of the house.


Maintaining good bowel health and utilising treatments such as colonics and enemas helps the body deal better with infections (by reducing the body’s overall toxic burden) and recover from the symptoms of them much quicker.

It is also very important to avoid sugar when you have an infection as sugar suppresses the immune system and can interfere with vitamin C utilisation. This includes grains and fruit juices.


Dr Joseph Mercola explains that as long as your temperature remains below 102 degrees Fahrenheit (38.9 degrees Celsius) there is no need to lower it. Drugs such as aspirin and paracetamol should only be taken when absolutely necessary, such as if you have a temperature greater than 105 degrees F (40.5 degrees C), severe muscle aches or weakness. Dr Lawrence Wilson recommends lowering a fever gently with a sponge bath before resorting to drugs, where the fever is up to 103 degrees F. The body uses fever to fight infection and so allowing the body to maintain the fever helps you to feel better sooner. Make sure to check your temperature regularly during a fever.


Dr Mercola also writes,


I don't advise over-the-counter medications, but one simple treatment you can try that is surprisingly effective against upper respiratory infections is hydrogen peroxide. Many patients have had remarkable results in curing colds and flu within 12 to 14 hours when administering a few drops of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into each ear. You will hear some bubbling, which is completely normal, and possibly feel a slight stinging sensation. Wait until the bubbling and stinging subside (usually 5 to 10 minutes), then drain onto a tissue and repeat with the other ear. A bottle of hydrogen peroxide in 3 percent solution is available at any drug store for a couple of dollars or less. It is simply amazing how many people respond to this simple, inexpensive treatment.


Gargling with warm water and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar at the first sign of symptoms may be helpful as can eating extra ginger. A few drops of oregano oil or olive leaf extract in water or extra fresh or capsulated garlic may also be helpful.


It should be noted however, that some M.E. patients and others react badly to these immune-boosting substances so they are probably best avoided unless you already know that you can tolerate them well or have previously built up a tolerance to them.



Should you take cold and flu drugs which help you keep going through the illness?

No, and especially not if you have M.E. Rest is very important during viral illnesses, and people have died from being very active while suffering with such viruses as these viruses can affect the heart. Not resting at the first sign of illness will only make the symptoms last much longer and will increase the risk of complications.



Should you get a flu vaccine?

This is a personal choice, but in a word – no. It is one thing to possibly undertake some risk for one-off vaccines for serious diseases but to have a vaccine annually that is very likely to leave you feeling quite ill after it as your body works to develop immunity to the strain of the flu covered by the vaccine, contains toxic ingredients such a mercury and which is very far from being completely effective and may even make you more susceptible to the flu the next year, makes little sense.


As Dr Sherry Rogers explains, the flu vaccine is different every year and so each year’s flu vaccine is the most untested drug on the market – do you really want to make yourself the guinea pig for an untested product?


Is it really worth risking an M.E. relapse or serious side-effects from your disease and issues that may last a lifetime for just one year of a limited amount of protection from some strains of the flu? It is hard to see how the answer could be yes. Remember that HUGE sums of money are at stake with the promotion of the flu vaccine and it is not all that it seems or all that the media presents it as, just like with M.E. itself - and several other diseases.


It is far better to boost immunity to ALL viruses by having a whole food based diet, having adequate vitamin D and C and A and zinc and so on. These therapies also have the ‘side effect’ of also being good treatments for disease generally.


Also remember to practice good hygiene when someone in the house has a flu you don’t want to catch. Have them cover their mouths when they cough, stay at least a few metres away from you and wash their hands before handling anything that you will touch, and so on.


If you do choose to have a flu shot or any other vaccine, it is also very important to make sure you are as healthy as possible before being injected with it, in order to reduce the likelihood of problems. This includes making sure you aren’t deficient in any of the major vitamins and minerals. It is also important to never have more than one vaccine at a time.


For more information see the book ‘Saying No to Vaccines’ 



What about other vaccines?

Please read the links and websites listed on this page before having any of the other non-flu vaccines. Make sure you are fully aware of all the risks and dangers before making your choices. Get the facts then make up your own mind.

Is there a changed immunity to colds and flu (and other infections) in M.E. over time?

Yes. Right after the onset of M.E. the patient seems to get every single bug going around. A little bit later on, in the acute/severest stages of M.E. (which often persists for a number of years or perhaps decades) patients often find that their immune system is so hyper-responsive that they get no colds or flu’s at all during this time.


Finally starting to get these infections again in M.E. is acknowledged to be a sign that the immune system is not so overactive and that the illness is improving overall. It’s a very positive sign that shows that your condition IS improving overall.


However, the experience and effect of colds and flu themselves may quickly become anything but positive. Having one infection after another can make life miserable and can cause the symptoms of worsen to the point of a serious relapse. The patient can become very weak and disabled. So whilst being able to catch colds and flu again is overall a good sign, it is also very important to do everything possible to prevent these annoying secondary infections and to minimise them as much as possible when they do occur.

Further reading

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Acknowledgments: Thank you to Yanna, Ginny, Emma and Bea for contributing to this paper. Thank you to Caroline Gilliford for editing this paper.

“The news is out: Vitamin D is better than the swine flu vaccine at halting H1N1 infections. In fact, without vitamin D, chances are that a vaccine won't generate much of an immune response in the first place.” Natural News


“Flu vaccines are a perfect storm of neurological stress (mercury, myelin chicken antigen, adjuvants, and attenuated virus – not to mention potential contamination). The risk of problems is magnified in individuals with immunologic and/or digestive problems, which is the target audience. How many infants and children must suffer brain damage before public health goons wake up?
     Then there is the issue of whether or not flu vaccines even work. Seldom is a flu vaccine a perfect match for the flu strain that is coming around. It may give a partial boost, which in my opinion pales in comparison to a robust and healthy natural immune response. The flu can rapidly mutate within 24 hours to escape any given vaccine. The only real chance you actually have is the health of your own immune system.
     You would think that with all the billions of dollars involved there would be hard core proof that flu vaccines provide a benefit. Each year public health officials try to promote some study that is typically flawed. In general, the only proven benefit is for individuals stuck in a nursing home (living in a Petri dish with no way out). For the general ambulatory population, proof of any benefit is woefully lacking. There is proof that the more immunizations a person has the worse their immune system works as they get older. All the false alarms create too many T-memory cells that don’t want to do anything. It’s like having a bunch of old generals sitting around the table telling war stories, and nobody wanting to go into action.
     No doubt, the public health propaganda for flu shots will be in full swing this year. Fear is the mantra. The fear is misplaced; it should be of the flu shot itself. Remember, public health is never in the best interest of any one person. If public health officials convince enough gullible people to take a flu shot then why do you or your children “need” one? The focus should be on strengthening your own immune system and helping your children to do the same. There are no short cuts to a healthy immune system.” Natural News


“It was also reported that expired or unused flu vaccines contained the mercury preservative thimerosal. The substance is so hazardous that it cannot be disposed of regularly. If such a vaccine contains something so toxic, you cannot guarantee its safety.” Dr Mercola