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Scientific information on improving serious disease through nutrition and treating the causes of disease
 – summarised from 100 of the world’s most cutting-edge health books

Treatment cautions and safety notes

Please read this information before starting any new treatment.

1. For the best results, an individualised nutrition and supplementation plan should be created in partnership with a qualified holistic practitioner.  Ideally, this practitioner would also be the patient’s doctor. The information on HHH should be used only as an additional source of information, as a starting point for the patient’s own research efforts and for discussions with their own practitioner.

2. The best results are achieved by following a comprehensive nutrition and supplementation plan, rather than only taking a small number of supplements.

3. As much reading as possible should be done before starting any new treatment   Read all of the information about the treatment available on HHH in full and, if possible, some of the items in the relevant extra recommended reading sections as well. Read as much and as widely as you can.

4. Before starting any new treatment the patient should: (a) make sure they are aware of all the cautions relating to using it safely, such as whether it must be taken with food or not, with other related supplements or in divided doses, (b) check that it is compatible with all current medications (and supplements) being taken, (c) check that it is safe for any other conditions they may have (such as diabetes or kidney problems), and (d) discuss it with their doctor or qualified holistic practitioner (if at all possible).

5. Any new supplement should be started at a low dose and the dose should only be raised gradually.  If you are sensitive to supplements, start at minuscule dose: perhaps 1/10th of the normal dose or less, or a few crumbs of a crushed tablet taken once a week. Try only one new treatment at a time, if possible. (Simultaneously starting 3 or 4 or more of the treatments listed on this iste may cause problems.)

6. It should not be assumed that ‘natural’ means safe. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbs etc. taken at medicinal doses can have drug-like effects and can potentially cause significant relapse or worsening of some symptoms. Reading as much as you can about each treatment and starting very slowly are important with EVERY treatment.

7. Taking supplements is not a replacement for eating well, getting enough rest and avoiding overexertion, having good sleep habits, limiting emotional stress and avoiding toxic chemical exposures. There is little point in giving the body the substances it needs to try to heal itself while at the same time causing more damage in other ways. Eating well and taking care of yourself are vital FIRST steps to healing.

8. The treatments mentioned here are certainly not miracle cures for long-term M.E., or any other serious disease, and no promises can be made about outcomes.     .

Particular treatments will not necessarily give particular outcomes.  The aim here is to give your body its best possible chance to at least partly heal itself by giving it some of the basic tools and materials it needs to heal itself. No specific level of improvement can or should be guaranteed, with any treatment.

How much improvement can be expected depends on how much of the bodily damage done is permanent. Significant healing can also take years to occur where the person has bene very ill for a decade or more.

Keep a weekly list of what foods and supplements you change, and how you felt that week and so on. This can be very brief. Monitor yourself for the effects of each new treatment to help you and your doctor decide what is working and what is not.

Orthomolecular doctors have commented that with treatment at first you may just look better. Then you may notice that you feel better and last to come may be the ability to function better. These experts also say that diseases which you have had for a very long time will be much slower to improve than newer onset diseases.

While some treatments demand a stable higher dose for benefits to be maintained, the dose you need when starting a treatment may be higher than the maintenance dose in some cases. Taper your dose down slowly until you find the lowest amount of it you can take while still seeing the same benefits.

9. Information given on dosages by HHH are only a very general guide. Again, the HHH papers are designed to be merely a starting point in your research on dosages and treatments and healing, not by any means the last word. If it is at all possible for you, it is highly recommend that you do as much extra reading from high quality resources as possible.

Do not rely on any one book or website for all your information (including this one).

This is about personal responsibility for your health. Unfortunately no-one else can do all of this for you! Almost certainly, nobody is as motivated as you are to get yourself well, not even your doctor. Please take in as much information on treatment as possible. The best results come form a partnership between doctor and patient. Being passive is much easier, but it is not at all linked with the best outcomes.

10. Attempts have been made to use as many different sources of information on nutritional or orthomolecular medicine as possible and to find the highest quality information on each topic. Readers that feel that certain other books or articles would be useful additions to those already sourced are invited to submit them to HHH. (Please provide the appropriate details and references.) Accuracy is very important to HHH.

This collation of information on healing is and will always be a work in progress. As with any guide to treatment. interested parties are always invited and encouraged to submit any additional information or comments they may have. It is recommended that readers periodically check the HHH site for updates too.

Extra notes for M.E. patients

1. Promises of easy cures for 'CFS' or 'ME/CFS' and especially M.E. in many books and articles should be treated with the contempt that they deserve! Many of these harmful false promises are made on the false assumption that ‘CFS’ means M.E., made in many general books and articles on health, nutrition and vitamins. 

Some diseases misdiagnosed as 'CFS' may well be easily treated and cured, but this has no relevance to M.E. patients any more than it does to MS patients.

2. If you have M.E. or any disease which you know makes you very sensitive to any and all new supplements then GO SLOW! Go slowly with every change you make to your diet or to your supplement regime. I can't stress this enough!

Horses for courses...

The scientific validity and safety of nutritional, orthomolecular and holistic medicine is well established, although this is as yet not widely acknowledged in mainstream media or medicine (and so society in general) primarily for reasons involving politics and financial vested interests. 

Despite this, of course not all patients are willing to deviate from mainstream drug-based and symptom-supression based medicine. This is their individual choice and must be respected. 

HHH fully respects such a decision and a patient’s right to make it. 

The information on treatment provided by HHH, however, is for those patients that do have a genuine interest in this type of medicine or that are at least interested in finding out more about it.